Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunlight And Shadow

Another fabulous sunny (but chilly) spring day here. A great day to paint! 6x8

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Al Fresco Lunch

This is another painting from the Carmel Art Festival. On this day, I decided to warm up and found a spot where the sun was thinking of shining! While I painted this scene with the nice road & a few lupines, a whole herd of cows came and watched me paint! These are a few of the first ones. Later on, they must have phoned all their friends because there was quite a crowd. Painting outside is a lot of fun!

The Sentinel, Carmel

This is one of the paintings I did for the Carmel Art Festival (May 12-16). Naturally, I forgot to take a photo so this picture is one I got off the Art Festival web site. It was painted Wednesday night right after we got our canvasses stamped and it was freezing and gloomy. Everything was grey-blue except for the little bit of rapidly disappearing light at the horizon.